Chameleone Tattoos Dad’s Face On His Arm

Days after getting tattoos of his wife and children on his neck and arm respectively, Jose Chameleone has expressed the love he has for his father by tattooing his face on his arm.  


“Yes, another one for you haters who hated on my “DANIELLA” tattoo.  Ohoooooo!!!!!! I am an artiste; my body is becoming an art piece. Where I am deliberately decorating my love. I am not going to wait for “Fathers” day Mr. Mayanja Senior-My Dad, you are worthy more than anything in this world, YOU grow me, know me, inspire me and all me. This one is for you,” Chameleone posted on his official Facebook page.

Jose Chameleone is currently in Australia with Ak 47 where they are thrilling their fans with great music

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