Chameleone’s Fort portal Easter concert Halted.

Jose Chameleone tr

The Police and other security operatives have cancelled chameleon’s Easter gig on grounds that the youth from territories of King Oyo are planning to attack him.

The group believes Chameleone had a hand in the death of Robert Karamagi who was burnt at his(Chameleone’s) Sseguku home last year.karamagi hailed from Fort Portal

The whole of last week, Chameleone’s adverts were all over radio stations for the ‘Akasiki Ka Easter Concert’ slated for this Saturday.

The police spokesperson of Rwenzori sub-region Muga Bakari.  Said that they told the organizers to halt the show not until chameleon’s security is guaranteed.

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3 thoughts on “Chameleone’s Fort portal Easter concert Halted.

  1. This is an insult for the Toro community we were not fully availed with up date information causing the Death of our brother in Mr Manyanja compound .even up to today i ask myself how can they see some one burning himself with out causing an alarm for the neighbors to come and help

  2. At least let the law of the jungle take its course! A prominent artiste kills someone and he has the audacity of dancing on the grave of his victim. Tooro youth thank you so much for fighting for Karamagi

  3. Who the hell does chameleon think he is?After our own brother dieing in his compound under suspicious cirmustamces he got the guts of coming to taunt us as if we are stupid.Gone are the days when batooro where taken for granted.Nangwa tutuli ntama like most people thought.Its about time we showed our true colours by standing together to denounce anyone who does causes harm to the kingdom of tooro and its peaceful people from both at home and away.
    Please fellow batooro,we all know that chameleon was a darling to many,it’s about time to let him know that he might above the laws that govern Uganda but he isn’t above the batooro people’s intellect.

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