Chic Dumps Radio’s Kid At His Gate


Info reaching us is that a city party animal abandoned a kid at the gate of Goodlyfe boys Moze Radio and Weasel claiming that she was impregnated and abandoned by the former. A source revealed that a yet to be identified chic surfaced at the singer’s gate over the weekend and demanded to speak to Radio.

Radio who was relaxing in a hammock in the compound rushed out to see who it could be only to find that the young girl was one of his former bonkmates.

She reportedly told him, “You have neglected me and your baby. So I have brought him to stay with you,” before she stormed off and disappeared. Radio was however advised by his counterpart Weasel to take the child to his mother as he does with his own.

The magnetic star singer is rumoured to have already sired 8 kids while his friend Weasel has a staggering record of 28 kids.

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  1. advantages of self employment.Now its rendering the so called uncle money to go ahead and produce like rabbits.i wish it could be their own daughters whom they suffered taking care,they will feel the pain.

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