City Butcheries closed Over Hygiene Fears

Business at Nakasero Market in Kampala came to a standstill as officials from Kampala Capital City Authority cracked the whip on butchers who have been working in filthy, unhygienic conditions a report carried by NTV says.

One person has been arrested for continuing to work after the officials from the monitoring and inspection unit closed down his stall.

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1 thought on “City Butcheries closed Over Hygiene Fears

  1. Becarefull the Supermarket power is taking control over our dairly and well known markets, first it was the milk people, now it is the meat, we have been buying from them meat since i can even remember a sickness connected to thier hygien is no where registered, if the whole world has fridges let them why dont we have our unique way of life? Much of the so called western countries do not have naturally foods which need such conditions but our own has been doing well, stop inconviniencing our people in the name of change, use your time to make the Transport system, electricity, better roads, reduce corruption etc function before you behave like lazy politicians. Too much Change will totally render our cultures and customs way of life be left for Museums. Let those who prefer fridge meat go to the available super markets and even we dont have that much power to cater for all the so called Needs eg power shading will hinder all this, Jenifer think again

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