City Drunkos Form Clique To Evade Cops

Motor mouthed Journalist Andrew Mwenda has also signed up to the group

Rwampara Member of Parliament Vincent Kyamadidi was nabbed at the weekend
Rwampara Member of Parliament Vincent Kyamadidi was nabbed over the weekend

IN a mighty show of solidarity, city booze war heroes have formed a clique on Facebook to effortlessly beat drink drive cops. The group that calls itself ‘Breathalysers/Traffic Cops Alert’ is headed by businessman/ Fireworks Advertising company PR director, Muhereza Kyamutetera. They have vowed not to retreat nor surrender their love for the swallow to traffic cops who terrorize drunkos in late night swoops.

This group which already has over 512 members and still counting has devised a way to use the social networks to warn fellow members of any eminent danger or roadblocks. Apparently, they are even planning to train their own cops who will move around the city over the weekends updating members of where the cops have stationed such that they avoid being trapped like antelopes in headlights.

Fireworks advertising's PR Director Muhereza Kyamutetera chewing on a cigar while partying
Fireworks advertising’s PR Director Muhereza Kyamutetera chewing on a cigar while partying

The group’s mission thus reads, “You have either been detained, fined or stopped for drink driving. Even if you don’t drink, you know a friend who has had a rough time with the traffic cops. Don’t suffer or let your friends suffer. You can warn them in advance about traffic cop presence on their road, by simply updating this group, if you see any cops/roadblock at night. Invite your friends to join this group so that we can keep out of danger.” It was no surprise that after the weekend without any incident, the group boss, Kyamutetera updated his status that; “Good night members. Hope you all survived the weekend cops/breathalysers. We look forward to a fruitful week ahead.”

Some of the prominent members that are subscribed to ‘Breathalysers/ Traffic Cops Alert’ include; businessman Tayebwa Thomas, socialite Zari’s sister Zuleha Hassan, ex Monitor Managing Editor Conrad Nkutu, NTV’s Maurice Mugisha, motor-mouthed Independent Magazine boss Andrew Mwenda, embattled Brig Henry Tumukunde, businessman Kwame Ruyondo, Capital FM veteran presenter Alex Ndawula, former UPDF Airforce boss Moses Rwakitarate, European Union media boss Simon Kasyate among several others. Let’s watch and see how the cops will beat this group at their own game!

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8 thoughts on “City Drunkos Form Clique To Evade Cops

  1. quite shameful. Is these the people we send to parliament to represent peoples views! RWAMPARA MAN let me hope this will not dirten your name back…

  2. I can’t believe this level of ignorance,these are some of the cirmustances that lead to massive and uncalled for loss of life in Uganda.Whoever is behind this group,does he think that the cops are stopping drink drivers for the cops own benefit?
    style up and wake up fellow Ugandans,has it got to a level where it requires some of these ignorant members friend or family member to become a victim of drink driving before they can realise that the police is acting in good spirit.

    I call upon the government of Uganda and the police force to improvise all means to break down and shut down this group.

    For the first time in a long time,I uploud the police and the government of Uganda for combatting this habit of drink driving.

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