The Kampala road based club Rouge has lost another thriving Marketing Manager.

Ssekamwa Daniel has quit Club Rouge
Ssekamwa Daniel has quit Club Rouge

Word going around town intimates that Ssekamwa Daniel alias Danny thrown in the towel a few days back.

“It is true I left Club Rouge last week but I am not ready to comment on why I left but I will be informing you when the right time comes,” said Ssekamwa Daniel when Red Pepper online team asked him this morning.

According to reliable sources, Daniel resigned because he got better opportunities at Sheraton Hotel, Boda Boda and the newly opened De-Posh bar in the western town of Mbarara.

“I think he is trying to weigh the opportunities and he will go with the best,” said the source.

This is the third Marketing manager who has quit the club in less than a year.

According to insiders at the club, the rate at which the workers are quitting is high and they put the blame on the club top managers of the club.

“The management has not done enough to cater for our needs like finances and good working conditions,” said the source.

Club Rouge has been struggling to maintain her high-flying name after their best ever Marketeer, former dancer Onyango Gareth left for Club Venom which is now doing pretty well.

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