M7 Orders Troops Out Of Somalia

Yoweri Museveni

Commander In Chief Gen. Yoweri Museveni

Uganda’s President, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has ordered the immediate withdraw of troops from Somalia, Central African Republic and DRC as peace keepers.

This was revealed on Friday by the Security Minister Muruli Mukasa while addressing the press at the Media Center.

This move comes after a leaked UN report allegedly implicated Uganda in Congo crisis.

“Why don’t we get out of these initiatives? And concentrate on securing boarders and strengthening our internal security,” he said.

He added that the Government has already made its position on the matter to the UN and other concerned regions. “While we wait for a response from them, we are optimistic that Uganda has made the right decision.”

Last month, a UN panel of experts released a report implicating Uganda and neighboring Rwanda of causing instability in DRC by abetting M23 with heavy weaponry plus funding.

In the same report, the experts also say they interviewed civilians at the Uganda-Congo boarder who made it clear that M23 crosses to pick weapons, food and money.

A few weeks ago, the President of Congo Joseph Kabila who has for long been at loggerheads with Kagame, blasted his ‘godfather’ and Ugandan President – Yoweri Museveni and concurred with the UN report saying, “Uganda had nothing to deny because there is evidence,” he told a press conference in Kinshasa.

Responding to Kabila’s ‘absolute miserable remarks’ Muruli said, “It sounds strange for Kabila to make such utterances against us.” “The reason we decided to pull out our troops is because we cannot stand such humiliation and it is absolutely unfortunate… very unfortunate,” he said.

Reported By Nicholas Mwesigwa

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52 thoughts on “M7 Orders Troops Out Of Somalia

  1. If the accusations or lies against Uganda only relate to DRC, then why withdraw immediately from Somalia and CAR? If we were in these places on principle and for a purpose that is not yet completed, it will look like we are throwing a tantrum out of a guilty consciousness for misbehaving in DRC.

    1. You have to understand how the UN and the West operate.
      There are some in the West using the UN to control Congo. It is those who are scared of M7’s efforts to bring peace to Congo. Kabila is their puppet.

      M7 went to Somalia not on principle but at the request of the West. Now they are turning around and stabbing him in the back in DRC.

    1. Do you think all people are lying, UN Observers, the Congolese boarder people and the Kabila Government know very well what is at stake. There is no smoke without fire!!!!!

  2. Ugandan should stop meddling in other country’s affairs. We’ve got more problems in Uganda which require attention. Terrorism and corruption.

    The money stolen every day can be enough to pay our soldiers at home rather than looking for wars outside and loss of life!

    1. Powerful countries have been swindling minerals in Congo, with Uganda championing peace in eastern Congo the UN will not be needed there anymore , so they are trying to divert attention to Uganda and Rwanda. Uganda has oil so it might be the next target after Libya , Congo etc…the economy in the west is collapsing and they can not watch it collapse when Africa still has minerals and oil , ..God protect East Africa.

      1. Uganda has no oil, it has been over 70 years since that oil was discovered, and as long as you and me live, there will never be oil from that region. Now, while the west may be running short of oil, they can always get it from somewhere else. Museveni is behaving like any guilty person, trying to use blackmail to scare the world that if he withdraws from Somalia that would send the rest of the world begging. If you withdraw, Al shabaab will come for Uganda and not the west.

  3. Why do these guys behave like kids? Can Ugandan authorites prove that it’s not true they are not involved in DRC crisis? Can Rwanda do the same?if not, why not? and if so, provide the proof.


    1. He cant withdraw. He is only bluffing to make Ugandans feel that he is in charge but this is not his war.

  5. I am yet to see if our troops will really pull out of Somalia. The western powers know how to go about some small threats such as this one, and in the end Uganda will remain loosers. Why should UN withraw its statement on Uganda’s allaged involvement in congo? Somalia is not really the problem of UN but some countries.

    1. Bring them home after all they are all psychologically damaged and sexually starved, the other day one just came back from Somalia and killed two people and himself, what a loss.

  6. Withdrawing from somalia is tantamount to committing suicide coz we are giving the terrorists chance to regroup and revenge.

  7. if with draw from Somalia , Museveni mission to survive from USA to consolidate power will be over. its obvious Mission in Somalia was Museveni’s to consolidate power

  8. In Somalia, Uganda is a security subcontractor.lets not make a mountain out of an anthill, KDF is on standby!

  9. I will say this, For Uganda to move its troops from Somalia and station them at the boarder with Congo can be the end of NRM in Uganda, I have experience in Military war affair having served in UN peace keeping force in former Yugoslavia. Amin did the same and he went on to attack TZ later and lost , UPDF has never really been tested on it’s capability in a real war, all it has been doing is fighting Gorilla wars with small arms. Angola’s military is already in Congo for support, Uganda’s UPDF won’t stand a chance, right now Uganda is very fragile due to the political situation, corruption, tribalism, some groups within Uganda can easily use the opportunity and up-root NRM

  10. When this move is made, we shall be playing in the hands of USA and shall cease to relevant to them. Then they will find reason to come for regime change!

  11. If leaked UN report is false as claimed by Uganda, then why the rush to withdraw?, if u r innocent then defend ur innocence with evidence. By pulling out of Somalia and CAR, it means Uganda was there just to please international community and th UN but not to help Africa. What would happen to people of Northern Uganda? to be invaded by LRA again?. Pulling out of those places will be more risky and costly to Ugandan citizens. Temper can rise,but when u give it time, it will cool and u will make good judgement!

  12. Let the UN go to Somalia and those places, it has the largest peacekeepers in the world in DRC, what are they doing when things are getting worse every day in DRC, there are just stealing minerals to take to their home countries. our boys should come home.

  13. Still thinking of the loss Uganda made when our choppers crashed in Kenya. Why protect those who do not want to appreciate.
    support the idea.

  14. When he was taking our soldiers to somalia there was no consultation and approval by the parliament .Why Now? Just bring our troops back.

  15. I don’t know what pple want in the world,the same pple are to ask why there is insecurity in the country and across the boarders in case they start running up and down Remember that we have shade blood in order to bring peace..

  16. Yeah! Let the UN appreciate us by our absense. If they value our contribution they will rescind the report

    1. The west is looking 4 M7’s down fall trough such stuff but on their hand the ug gov’t has been alleging the opposition is recruiting for a rebellion without proof so why shld they panic if its not true and if Uganda withdraws from Somalia it will face tough sanctions if found guilty of the Congo crisis

  17. He was just joking!! If he goes ahead to do it, the americans will dillute him, for your imformation,the americans intalled asecret gadget called “electronic fuel control system” in his gulf stream.they can electronically cutoff fuel supply anytime,and the plane can crush.

  18. Shall Uganda be exonorated from the cong crisis when we withdraw our forces from somalia? or let me know who will be the loser?. Finally what have we been benefiting from somalia? The economic grrowth has reduced to 5%, Corruption scandals, Murburg/ebola outbreaks, school drop outs, bad roads et cetera.

    Personnally I don,t know whether there is any development.

  19. Let them remain in Somalia, UN mission in Africa is to make sure that every country there is instability,withdrawing troops wil cost Uganda alot,Kony will come back,ADF,ALSHABAB, so it will be a very big mistake of d decade.

  20. You ar saying come back our boys!ar u going to pay them awesomely so they come back home?am even wondering ugandan who can’t understand that congo is an african territory.for almost 20years the called un peace keepers have been in congo what have they achieved,in a such well endowed c’try wiz the most precious mineral resources in africa and world at large.fellow africans u can continue thinking within the box as the world continues a head.Besides that, the factors ar many bt devide and rule is there slogan,so why can’t they send un peace keepers also to somalia why congo and somalia?u mean somalia do nt deserve un security experts to stabilize the region? Pliz ugandan stop thinking like kids u want to intervene in politics then discuss mature politics that shows love for ur c’try and c’ntenent.

  21. I wish the UN allows him to withdraw his troops, stop threatening the UN, instead defend yourself, as I said earlier on, this justifies what you are, you are in CAR for the people of northern Uganda. please hurry to bring the boys back.

  22. Order them out M7, Even the chapatti investors in Juba should withdraw with immediate effect. PERIOD!!

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