Deadline For Radio Stations To Pay For Music Is Today

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The Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URBS) has given Broadcasting Media Houses up to April 25 2013 to remit payments for music sourced from local artists before it is played on air.

The move is supposed to ensure that the works of the artists are protected as required by the laws governing intellectual property rights such as copyrights.

Initially, most radio stations have been using music from local artists without payment in exchange giving an opportunity to the artists to advertise as a way of playing the music on air.

Lubega, who uses Frogman as his stage name says the law may only work for established artists, since radio stations may decide not to play or pay for music from developing or upcoming artists.

But for Nello Ssekanjako, a producer at Hot 100 FM, the policy will provide an avenue for protecting the creativity of artists. Ssekanjako says that with easy access to new media, presenters and producers can easily download the music to the disadvantage of promoting local artists.

But Speaking to the media on the matter, the Registrar General Bemanya Twebaze maintained that radio stations must comply with the requirement, to give the artists a business bargain and protect their intellectual property rights.

Michael Kakande, an artist, Producer and Presenter at Radio Simba, says making the decision not to play unsolicited or paid-for music will be tricky for him. Kakande argues that as an artist he has to compete with the top names in the music industry such as Jose Chameleone and Bobi Wine, whereas at the same time as a producer he has to abide by the law.

The UBRS is in the process of developing a policy that will guide on the use and application of intellectual property rights.

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  1. It will kill small timer artists and upcoming ones – when broke radio stations decide not to pay or even play their music should the proposal hold. Pay to to play is no gonna work

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