Delegates Lose NRM Cash To Thugs At Namboole

NRM Delegates at Namboole

Several NRM delegates from Arua district lost their money to thugs at the National delegate’s conference held on Monday this week at Namboole stadium.

NRM Delegates at Namboole
NRM Delegates at Namboole

The delegates each lost between UGX 150,000 to UGX 500,000 that was paid to them by the party secretariat for facilitation.

As a result, some of the delegates were left stranded and had to borrow money from their relatives in Kampala for their transport fare back home. Some of the affected delegates included Yovan Adriko, the LC 3 chairperson Logiri sub county, Andiga Jabir, Arua Hill division NRM chairperson, James Emvi, the Pajulu Sub county LC 3 chairperson, Eriku Cirilo, the LC 3 councilor Adumi sub county, and Atrilio Droma amongst others.

Yovan Adriko, one of the victims says they could have been robbed when they lined up for lunch in the dinning. He says most of them realized the theft as they were preparing to leave at the end of the conference. According to Adriko, some of the delegates were robbed by thugs dressed in party T-shirts who pretended to lend a helping hand.

He says when they released the theft, they reported the matter to police but nothing could be done to trace the suspects because they couldn’t be identified easily. Fred Enanga, the Uganda police force spokesperson blames the theft on negligence on the party of the delegates because there was sufficient security at Namboole stadium.

He says if the matter was brought to the attention of police, detectives must be following up to establish the identity of the thugs. It is not clear how police will track down the suspect, given the more than 10,000 people who showed up for the delegate’s conference.

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