Denzel Back In The Big Brother House

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Uganda’s Ex BBA representative Charlie Denzel Mweyeretsi is back in the house.


Denzel entered the house yesterday evening with other 10 ex housemates.

What better way could Biggie have come up with to send the ten ex-housemates into the hotshots house?


Biggie called the housemates and told them to freeze. Moments later, the ex-housemates walked in and created havoc!

Ten ex-housemates walked in and claimed the space as the Hotshots kept still.

It was such a spectacle to see how helpless the Hotshots were as the “new” housemates invaded their house.

Trezagah could not keep it together and almost immediately unfroze and joined the ex-housemates in their chaos.

Upon entering the house, the ex-housemates started on the drinks that belonged to the Hotshots, spraying champagne and taking shots of tequila.

Sheillah stood in her frozen stance in disbelief at the trouble that had arrived.

Hotshots stayed frozen as the new housemates took over upstairs and kept still as they took everything from upstairs to downstairs. It was clear that the new housemates were there to take over!

The house turned into an utter pigsty in seconds. As soon as Biggie told the Hotshots to unfreeze, all the housemates screamed and jumped into one another’s arms in absolute jubilation.

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