Dr. Besigye Visits Sick Comedian Bitama


This desk has learnt that former FDC president Dr Col, Kizza Besigye yesterday stormed a mini-supermaket in Nansana, a Kampala suburb and bought an assortment of house items for ailing city comedian and former Presidential aspirant Paddy Biatama.

Comedian Paddy Bitama
Comedian Paddy Bitama

Bitama is known to be one of the founders of comedy outfit Amalula Family but left the group to form his own called Amazon Family which did not last. Insiders say that Paddy was using the comedy group for political reasons which did not please other members.

After being set free on bail by Buganda Road Court for inciting violence, Besigye headed to  Nansana to shop for Paddy who is Sick. It is here that his supporters forced themselves into the shop forcing him to address them, “It’s a matter of time and this rouge regime will go. It has brought poverty, but be patient.” Besigye said.

From there he went to Bitama’s home where he handed over the goodies. The sick man thanked Kizza for support. “I will be back soon” said Paddy as Besigye responded, “As an experienced doctor, I’m sure you will heal soon.”


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  1. You will be back where? in politics or in comedy? kyoka Paddy you are a joker

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