Eng. TOM ISINGOMA: Analysis on Current Election Riots from Ugandan Pan-Afrikanist

Whereas it’s a Universal and Constitutional Right for every Ugandan 🇺🇬 to demonstrate and express to show dissatisfaction,

Whereas it’s true that Bobi Wine was arrested and detained by the Ugandan police, along his way to go and fulfill his mandate of campaigning on a rally as a presidential candidate,

Whereas it has been over 3 decades, and some people feel that Museveni should not be voted for the next time.

Whereas it has been possible in some countries mostly the Islamic countries for citizens to use foreign sponsored violence to topple/affect a government such as in Libya, Tunisia, Egypt and Sudan (using Afrikan continent as an example),

Whereas it’s now clearly seen and a common way for the imperialism agents to use and support riots, then form militia & terrorist groups, to capture state power and loot minerals, as a one of the new forms of neo-colonialism,

As a patriot and a Pan Afrikanist, I state like this;

  1. No presidential candidate in Uganda, in such a COVID-19 pandemic season, is allowed to hold a rally of more than 200 people, according to Ministry of Health Guidelines. This means that, according to the police, it was necessary to arrest Bobi Wine for breaking the guidelines. We need to secure Ugandan lives no matter under which regime.
  2. It is not a Universal and Uganda’s Constitutional Right to beat innocent Ugandans putting on NRM shirts, stone cars, destroy buildings, kill, loot, or use tribalism tendencies and attack security personnel and their property, just because Bobi Wine was arrested. There it will call for use of appropriate actions from security agencies, and this time in accordance to Ugandan Constitution and Universal laws.
  3. It is not possible that Museveni should not contest just because you don’t support him. That’s unrealistic. You are NUP, someone is NRM. It’s the choice of NRM to front their best choice candidate – Museveni. So, instead of using violent means to oppose him, rather convince the electorate to vote you into power. Museveni is free to lead as many years as possible so long he is voted by the majority.
  4. Uganda is impenetrable by enemies of progress, so long as Museveni is still the president of the Republic of Uganda 🇺🇬. Those LGBTQ and other imperialism agents, should wait for that time when Museveni isn’t the president, and maybe we will have unpatriotic president then, who will allow them to confuse Uganda. Their agenda will no succeed as it has been failing. Again this time, they will not succeed and Uganda will have elections in 2021, and Ugandans shall decide well as always.
  5. No Patriotic and Pan Afrikanist Ugandan, shall accept this nonsense from the NUP hooligans. By all means whatsoever, we shall stand to condemn, defend and protect our rights and Uganda’s sovereignty. NUP shall never rule Uganda 🇺🇬 if it continues behaving in such unethical political manner.


~I call upon the rest of Ugandan people to remain calm, and don’t get intimidated by the hick-up caused by 2 days of imperialistic sponsored political violence led by NUP supporters. This will remain in history, it won’t continue since our gallant security agencies and leaders have spoken and acted quickly about it. So, be confident.

~I totally condemn such acts and encourage Ugandans mostly the young people to avoid it. It can lead to loss of lives and property irrespective of the party of affiliation.

ABout author: Eng. Tom Isingoma Mwesiga
| +256-703 072203

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