We have had our eyes and ears on this man and his evil antics. We have true information from Soroti and opuyo village to expose a one Peter and other family members. Soroti and opuyo had never seen the level of witchcraft Peter’s mother did with him as her right-hand man and executioner while hiding in church as a cover but trust us we blew that cover.

The villagers told us that in 2019 when Peter’s mother died, people could finally talk. The first thing we were told in Soroti and in opuyo by the villagers is that, Peter’s mother allegedly killed her own youngest son’s baby as a blood sacrifice and that Peter is trying to suppress the information and also make sure no one knows he was the beneficiary of the human sacrifice.

But too late, the whole of Soroti and opuyo village know it already as the villagers witnessed it first hand. The villagers watched Peter’s mother take the baby’s coffin into her bedroom in their opuyo home where she allegedly cut the baby into pieces. The villagers were in complete shock so one of the village cousins run to tell the baby’s father named James what was happening as he was sitting outside the compound being consoled by people that had come to the funeral.

When he walked towards the house where the mother was cutting the baby, Christine his sister intercepted him and distracted him by walking with him towards the grave instead. The villagers and relatives say James the young brother and father of the child was confused and had no idea an occultic ritual was being performed on his child. The mother and his siblings had laid out a perfect evil plan which James didn’t catch on. But after the death of their mother in 2019, the villagers and relatives say they witnessed an occultic funeral where the mother was buried in black and red attire which was strictly supervised by Christine, one of the family members. Those that understand high-level occultism say only an occultic high priest or priestess is buried in black and red. During the funeral, there were crazy whirlwinds blowing up the place.

After a few weeks, another family member died and there were so many people gathered the tents were not enough so people suggested that they open up the store room that Peter’s mother used to use to store her things so that other guests can have more shade.

No one had the key to the store and the store had not been opened ever since Peter’s mother fell sick and was taken to Kampala to live at Peter’s house where she died. So the villagers got some tools and broke the lock of the storehouse. Upon opening, they found a fully-fledged shrine with mummified tortoises, snakes, and other crazy-looking sea creatures that the villagers had never seen and the weird part is that there was freshly drained blood in a store room that was literally locked for almost 2years.

People started running away from the funeral others stayed and went in, and pastors were called.

So people got the courage to pull out the items. There were personal belongings of people that got lost sometime back and they could clearly identify such as wigs, clothing, shoes, socks, nails, hair, underwears, maternity items, bones, documents, and photos. The villagers hipped them together, bought paraffin had a pastor pray, and wasted no time by setting everything up on fire.

Meanwhile, Peter was calling in that they shouldn’t burn the items and wait for him, this time round the villagers were not buying his bullshit. During the burning process, spirits were attacking and possessing people but the pastors prayed on them.Then Peter and his wicked sisters were calling in asking where the ashes were put.

The villagers scattered the ashes too.

Peter tried calling again to threaten the villagers that he knows the law and that he was going to put them in jail, but they laughed him off. A few weeks down the road, Peter started building another shelter behind the village house and said he was building a “church” but the villagers being nosey saw new items being buried under that shelter.

It was built in a few weeks then Peter and his sisters came down to the village with meat to give out to the villagers. Those that understand occultism say it was a form of a peace offering while reclaiming the lost evil territory. The villagers most of whom threw away the meat and said they can buy their own meat.The villagers say they are very aware that the new shelter is a new shrine replacement of what was burnt and there is a huge huge snake that they see around that house lately again. They say they are on watch because they know the new shrine needs blood.

After the new shrine was built, Peter and his wicked sisters kicked out their eldest sister called Agnes who has no job and income from their very own village family home in opuyo then brought in someone from Arua to watch over the new shrine.

Right after the death of their mother, they went for the young brother’s ex-wife Joan telling her that they wanted to give the kid a “holly communion” and she almost bought in since she lives separately from James who now lives in Atlanta. According to her friend; Joan, James’ ex had also been deliberately working against James who left her. But in this case of the “holly communion”, she explained it to her friends who told her that they are looking to finish the job they started, why isn’t the father of the kid aware of such a thing, and yet there is already evidence of the sacrifice of the other child. Her friends and some of her young relatives say she is also very notorious for twisting words, using the kids, and taking sides with anyone/anything negative against James then acting the victim afterward. But thanks to her friends she backed out of the “holly communion”. Peter told her and his friends that his mother used to “talk to god”.

We heard James had multiple girlfriends in different cities in the US and a long-time blonde Italian American girlfriend with whom he hasn’t declared intentions. His friends say that after what he’s been through, he prefers being single.

It is alleged that Peter also sexually molested a cousin who now works for the UN in Kampala, Cousin says Peter used to force him into the act and he felt like Peter was taking something out of his spirit.

It is alleged that Peter never pays back any money he borrows. He one time gathered village garden laborers to cultivate for him in Kaberamaido and didn’t pay them until the village elders came together in kaberamaido but even still he paid them partially.

The one thing we all agree with is that you can deceive villagers with technology but you can’t deceive them with spirituality, they be knowing more than you think they know.

The child sacrifice was also meant to eventually kill James and his remaining kids. And that they are all very surprised that James lived through the pain and hardship and didn’t die as most victims can’t last beyond 5years if not they lose their minds.

While James was going through all the hardship and torment from the child sacrifice, Peter started running a campaign that James is on his deathbed yet James had a transportation gig he was doing full-time during the COVID lockdown little did Peter know that the same people he was talking to were part of the team who were talking to James on a daily to comfort him about the things that were done to him.

James stopped talking to Peter and his other sisters after most of the information was revealed to him. It’s been years since they talked. They say he lives his life and minds his own business and that if the child sacrifice had not  to been done on his child, he would be a multi-millionaire by now.

Peter’s own friends say he has done extremely unspeakable malicious things behind his young brother James who had no clue at all of what Peter had been doing and no one could tell him as he was still getting over the child sacrifice.

They say the villagers, relatives, and clan members mobilized in a quest to save James. They said they knew what has been done to James and they are the only ones that can save him at this point, So they in a group teamed up to help James.

The relatives and clan members have obtained forged documents from the lands office that Peter used to steal land so he made a phone call, as usual, to threaten the villagers telling them ” Do you know who I work for, do you know my level, I will arrest all of you but little does he know that he is at their mercy and a case of forgery and theft can be opened against him.

The other thing that was pointed out is that Peter was very significant in naming relatives’ children. They say whenever he would name a child, he spiritually captures that child’s destiny and then uses it as he pleases. He named his step-sister’s son Dexter and later on named his own son Dexter also, people that understand occultic practice say it’s related to destiny switching.  His mother taught him how to execute evil rituals. We also tried to contact their cousins from Mbale who told us they had enough pain from that family and don’t want to be involved.

He is also holding onto his young brother’s 2 land titles which he has failed to produce word has it that he must have made forgeries on them already or has used them as collateral for a loan. Because he has made excuse story after excuse story for over 4years.

The brother wants to develop his properties but original documents can’t be produced by Peter.

The villagers and relatives also say that Peter was directly responsible for the break-up of marriages in the family which the mother did not approve of this happened to one of their sisters in Lira whose husband was not part of their system. Peter initiated a horrible break-up to this man’s family and he even got a heart attack but somehow he survived and they say he remarried.

There was another guy based in London who married one of the sisters but Peter’s mother didn’t approve even though she went deahead to do it. The marriage ended and Peter kept harassing the man. But the villagers say, their mother did things to that man’s children and the kids had developmental issues.

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