EXPERT ANALYSIS: It’s Time For Rugby President To Crack The Whip

EXPERT ANALYSIS:  It’s Time For Rugby President To Crack The Whip

By  Dixon OKello Bond

When Andrew Owor was elected to chair the Uganda Rugby Union, many saw it as a reward for his drive for change and accountability, in what is arguably one of Uganda’s most popular sport.

But three years later, Mr Owor, has found himself in the spotlight defending his executive team from alleged misappropriation of sponsorship cash, poor team selection and inept organization that has affected the “clean” image the sport had.

This is motivated by the fact that there seems to be a lot of micromanagement, vested interest, and unnecessary interference.

The truth is that he cannot afford to rub members of the union the wrong way because they aggressively campaigned for him in the elections.

He might be walking a tight rope with so many characters across the divide, young or old, who have varied interests in the game, but he must make sure he destroys this dragon.

I always wonder, how a union that always fails to pay players and coaches allowances, even on national duty and claims to lack funding ,gets money to pay the unnecessarily big staff in the union offices on time?

Besides insiders, individuals who source for business or sponsorship on behalf of the union have benefited immensely.

Most have no contracts with URU and if they have, their services are usually single sourced.

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