Training was today suspended at Express FC’s Muteesa I Memorial stadium as players demand their four month salaries and allowances.

The players were found sitting in groups under the trees with others inside the stadium

And some of the players, speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed that they were on strike, stating that they will also boycott Friday’s Fufa Super League tie against Soana FC.

The team’s skipper Willy Kavuma down played the issue of the strike, but stated that the players want their allowances for the past months as they were due.

“We have growing concerns which we have raised with management, but I can’t say we are on strike. We trained in the morning, but currently we are waiting for management’s final decision,” he told RedPepper Online edition.

Express were Ugandan champions in 2011-12 season and are currently in 12th place on the 16-team log.


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