Facts & Review Of Gamululu Remix Video By A Pass And Konshens

Recently, Ugandan dancehall ace Alexander Bagonza aka A Pass recorded a remix of his song ‘Gamululu’ with Jamaican singer Konshens and the audio has been around for a while.

The video was released on Friday (around 10am) after a long wait with pictorial teasers of behind the scenes.

Frist things first; in this video, there is not artist at all; No A Pass, no Konshens. That’s surprising but true.

It’s a choreography-based kind of flick where about five dancers dominate with kinky, quite seductive moves.

Unlike other Ugandan videos we’ve seen, this song features two white dancers—Aino Simanyi and Emily.

These two teamed up with the talented vixens/dancers Cathy Patra, Rose Merie Atim and Vee Viccy to bring out the groovy video.

It starts with a vixen trying to fine-tune a radio set which echoes A Pass’ Gamululu track and then magical wiggling follows.

For an ordinary Ugandan music lover who is used to drama, popular faces and all that, this could be a boring type of video.

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