Faded Socialite Don Zella, Big Eye in a new baby War

Faded Socialite Don Zella and singer Big Eye are back in the news. Over the weekend, the aging socialite went on social media to attack the singer again.

Since the time of the memorial, it has been widely known that Big Eye Starboss and Don Zella have a son together, however, the socialite has put an end to the narrative.

Through a Facebook Live, the controversial socialite cleared the air clarifying that Big Eye is not the father of Britton.

Don Zella revealed a birth certificate indicating that Britton Diamond Juntenen, is not Ibrahim Mayanja a.k.a Big Eye’s son.

She maintained that Britton shares her late husband James Juntenen’s name and that he is his firstborn son.

Since Don Zella lost her husband a few weeks ago, she has been sharing lots of personal information concerning her family.

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