Fire Guts Owino Market Again

Only a handful of traders managed to save their merchandise.

Only a handful of traders managed to save their merchandise.
Only a handful of traders managed to save their merchandise.

Hundreds of vendors in Nakivubo Park yard market commonly known as Owino in Kampala central business district are counting losses after their merchandise was gutted by fire in the wee hours of this morning.

The fire is believed to have started at around 4:30am on Wednesday morning reducing merchandise worth millions of shillings to ashes.  Only a handful of traders managed to save their merchandise.

The fire could not have happened at a worse time as the festive season begins with Christmas Day three weeks away.

Police has been heavily deployed in the area with many roads leading to the Parkyard Market sealed off. Traffic is heavier than usual downtown Kampala as a result.

By the time of filing this report, the Police fire brigade was still battling the huge flames of fire. This is the third time Park yard market has burnt within a space of only three years. The same market was gutted by fire in 2009 and 2011.

The market occupies land that belongs to Nakivuubo Stadium, opposite the New Taxi Park. The land was originally meant to be a parking yard for vehicles of sports fans coming to the stadium.

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5 thoughts on “Fire Guts Owino Market Again

  1. Fire after fire that land is wanted by some investor … this space why is it that Kampala ,Jinja,Gulu markets burn all the times

  2. I have always wondered aloud.. OWINO MARKET IS JUST A FEW METRES FROM THE POLICE FIRE BRIGADE AND BURNS TO ASHES THREE TIME SO FAR!! What doe the Police Fire Brigade say is the cause and what takes them so, I mean so long to act in time?? Three fires, no explanation from Police/Government, No report ever comes out, WHAT THE HELL!! Ugandans AND NOT FOREIGNERS (INDIANS/PAKISTANIS/CHINESE) HAVE LOST MERCHANDISE AND MONEY IN THESE FIRES, what NEXT FOR THESE FELLOW UGANDANS?? Who has an Interest in this Land and why BURN IT FIRST??? Roomer has it that IT WILL BE USE OF CASH AND HUGE SUMS OF CASH PLUS ASSETS DURING THE NEXT ELECTIONS!! Lets watch!!!

  3. there must be a hidden agenda behind this recurrent fires. this is were most people find sustain their livelihoods and the intention of the doers is always to ensure they go begin from scraps. What a hell is going on in this crazy country!!! God have mercy amen.

  4. there always seems to be a distraction from major events in the country such as police bruitality on Lukwago’s lawyers, disregard of the court injuction and yet again Lukwago and Besigye’s house arrest. the fire whether accidental or not has provided a much needed distraction from the fracus at city hall.

  5. The Jaja’s of st. balikudembe are demanding for blood….. corrupt politicians blood…. but unfortunately they their GPS is directing them to the wrong location

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