Floods Disrupt National Census in Amuria

The clean-up operation is underway

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Floods have displaced 1,465 households in Amuria district displacing the ongoing national housing census. The affected families are from Alito, Akileng, Angica, Amoni, Oringoi, part of Abarituk, Aguria Centre and Okerai in Obalanga and Okungur sub counties.
Tom Okello, the LC 3 chairperson of Obalanga Sub County says the affected families have taken refuge in raised areas, while others have moved to nearby sub counties.

He explains that the floods were triggered by heavy rains in the area. Okello says his family is collecting data concerning the affected families.

Francis Oluma, the Amuria LC 5 chairperson says most of the displaced families have crossed to take refuge in Otuke district. Oluma says his office has communicated to the office of disaster Preparedness to intervene and save the situation.


Stephen Epenu Ebaju, the LC V councilor Obalanga and Okungur sub counties says the flooding has taken a huge toll on the enumeration exercise.

Kenneth Otikal, the Amuria district Population officer says the displacement of the families in Obalanga and Okungur has made their work very difficult.

He says the floods have distorted the normal living conditions of the affected families, which have forced them to seek refuge in the nearby districts in Lango region

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