Officials from FMU, riders representatives and NCS representative address media on Thursday.


In February 2020, a group of riders led by Barrack Orland formed their own faction dubbed Motorcycling Association of Uganda (MAU) and broke away from mother body FMU (Federation of Motorsport Clubs of Uganda) due to differences between the two parties.

Officials from FMU, riders representatives and NCS representative address media on Thursday.However, the riders have now returned to FMU and have accepted to be integrated back into the mother body for the good of the game.

The unification exercise took place on Thursday at Kati Kati Restaurant, Lugogo in Kampala and was witnessed by FMU officials, riders and riders’ parents, stakeholders and legends of motocross, National Council of Sports (NCS) and the media.

Orland who led the riders away from FMU in 2020 confirmed that they have buried the hatchet with FMU and are now set to work together for the benefit of the sport.

“We are ready to work together as one team (FMU and the riders)…we shall work together for the better of the sport. Unity is important and it’s what can drive us towards the future especially for the young generation,” Orland said.

FMU President Dipu Ruparelia who has no grudges against the former breakaway faction said that it’s good for riders to integrate back into the mother body.

“This is momentous for all of us…in the past few months a lot of work and mediations happened to understand the issues that led to the rise of the faction and we had to forge a way forward,” Dipu said adding that the unification demonstrates the power of unity.

Dipu later offered Orland his hand (handshake) as a sign of peace.

Dipu added that riders were greatly affected by the split and the unification was majorly done for the better of athletes and it’s not about individuals nor chest thumping, it’s for the collective good and will.

The integration has positive developments including; Integrating Busika events on the FMU calendar, riders participating in foreign events and joint management of the calendar.

NCS was represented by their administrator Ivan Nuwamanya who lauded the riders and FMU for agreeing to work together.

Focus now shifts to the 2022 FIM Motocross of Africa Nations that will happen from 19th-21st August at the Victoria Raceway Track in Garuga.

“Our preparations for the event are going on very well. We take pride in the riders we have and indeed there is a huge amount of confidence in the team. We shall put up a good show and we want to be African champions,” Dipu added.

The continental event is reported lol set to be launched next week.

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