Gashumba’s Attack On Killer Kamyuka Stirs Debate


Controversial city business Frank Gashumba’s post has nearly caused cyber breakdown with a section of people across Uganda hitting his social media page to express their opinion on Guvnor murder for a whole week. 

frank Gashumba

Gashumba last week took his to Facebook page criticizing gym ‘fanatics’ that instead of spending time “upgrading their mental infrastructure, they are busy in gyms putting on useless muscles.” He added that; “the price for discipline and anger management is always less than the pain of regret. I would rather be disciplined for 5 minutes than spending my entire life in a Maximum Prison because I killed a fellow man while fighting for a woman. To you guys, if you want to die at an early age, try to compete for a woman, Ivan is in upper prison, Johnnie is six feet under the soil, Nina is a widow now and Johnnie’s son is an orphan.”

Ugandans have since commented until to date.

The post has generated over hundred thousands of views and comments.

Whereas some   applauded his views, others attacked him for arrogantly mocking body builders.

Collins Katuramu wrote:  I salute you Frank Gashumba. “Instead of upgrading their mental infrastructure, they’re putting on useless muscles “. Very true Frank.

Lillian Kente Actually said: Nina is not a widow she is married to Ivan the murder! However she will leave with that pain for ever for Ivan I pray he rots in Luzira! Well said Frank!

Kukunda Peter Richheart said let us assume you were Ivan; Johnnie comes with a glass to hit you on the head, what would you do? Just stand and allow him to hit you because men don’t fight for their women!

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