Housing Finance Bank Improved Sanitation Loans to Target over 30,000 Homes in Kampala

Housing Finance Boss, Michael Mugabi

Housing Finance Boss, Michael Mugabi

Kampala – Housing Finance Bank is set to launch its partnership with Water for People to
implement a citywide inclusive sanitation program, where 30,000 homeowners will benefit from improved sanitation loans around the 5 divisions in Kampala.

The launch will be held over a virtual engagement on Tuesday September 8, 2020.

Housing Finance Bank noted, “As a financial institution, we seek to work with different stakeholders in the sector to provide an improved customer value proposition that will enable all Ugandans both low and high-income earners to access improved sanitation loans around 5 divisions in Kampala.”

In her remarks, the Country Director Water For People, Cate Zziwa Nimanya, cited that good sanitation is a responsibility that calls for everyone’s effort to make a lasting contribution in improving ways of life and well-being.

“There is a need for sanitation in order to eliminate poverty and enhance wellbeing in a country. Water for People is therefore honoured to be part of this partnership in a bid to empower families who live with a constant burden of uncertainty, stress and fear because of poor living conditions. I would also like to thank financial institutions like Housing Finance Bank which have remained consistent in driving this agenda for all,” Nimanya said

Mugabi added thus, “For over 50 years now, Housing Finance Bank has continued to provide viable solutions that enable homeownership for all Ugandans and together, we shall leverage on all available platforms to ensure decent living and homeownership.”

In Uganda, provision of decent low-cost housing is promoted through some key intervention areas which include; Housing Microfinance that supports low-income earners to undertake incremental micro-home loans, Vulnerable Group Housing that provides fully subsidized social housing support for vulnerable rural households.

The others are; the Market Systems Program that seeks partnerships with private companies to provide and develop inclusive products for all income levels of people especially the low-income earners, Urbanization program that is aimed at addressing issues on the New Urban Agenda such as housing, slum upgrading and sustainable environmental management and Housing Finance Bank’s incremental housing

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