How the Hostel’s Patra Snatched Sharon’s Ronnie


Helen with her Boyfriend Sean
Helen with her Boyfriend Sean

As she left the country to represent Uganda in the six Big Brother Africa, Sharon O salmon Nalukenge knew that someone was making moves on the father of her son,Ronnie Mulindwa who is also her Boss at Obsessions Uganda, this person was none other than Fashion Designer,actress and Model Hellen Lukoma of the House of Lukoma Fame.

Close pals imitate that Hellen Lukoma formerly of the singing pair HB toxic,also known as Patra in the hostel tried all it takes to win Ronnie’s heart while in Obsession which gave Sharon O sleepless nights and it got worse when she went to big brother Hellen’s Attempts increased and up until now both girls were not on good terms.

speaking to local media Sharon said Ronnie told her that nothing had happened between the two but Helen was always Bagging him, we all remember when sharon o got drunk and told the whole world how Helen was trying to steal her man back in Uganda. ‘From that time on, we stopped being friends” she added.

though Ronnie Denies it, our  sources reveal that the obsessions boss had something with the hostel star we just don’t know how to define it.




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