Big boobs can be a sight to behold! You have got them flaunt them; but we know it not easy having them. The terrors of sweat are known too well by any large breasted woman.


Not only is the moisture uncomfortable and smelly, it can cause a serious number of skin issues such as rashes, chaffing and fungal build-up. Red Pepper brings you the classic ways of beating this nag. Here are the tips

  1. Camouflage It

Dark colors like black will keep the visibility of moisture to a minimum; the embarrassing moisture maps no one wants to be associated with. As for anything tending to white, well I am sure you already know what that looks like (yuck!!)

  1. Know Your Material

Cotton material is very breathable, especially in the hot months like we are having now. Try to avoid materials such as silk and satin that soak up sweat and leave a stain

  1. Keep It Loose

Skin tight clothes may show more than just your bodacious curves. They could show us that nasty sweat map that is a turn off.

No-cling may be the way to go if you don’t want your sweat to get in the way of your sexy. Try some free style African wear so your burst can breath and not feel so packed up.

  1. Sweat Gadgets

There are many great options out there nowadays to help you fight your sweat. Take the wonderful Torso Sweat Band (TSB) for instance.

It can be worn with or without a bra, and prevents rashes, chaffing and fungus by absorbing any moisture between and underneath the breasts.

This is placed around torso. You slide it under breasts, before putting on bra.  The center piece is adjusted between breasts so that bottom portion is secured by band.

Band can be worn without bra or center piece. Center piece may be attached to bra separately.

  1. Stand Up

Sweat on your chest is inconvenience enough as is; do you really need a sweat river rolling down your stomach. Must be the last thing you really need! Sit and stand up straight.

It will keep your great posture and keep a bad sweat situation from getting even worse.

  1. Stuff It

Try tucking paper towel under your breasts. The paper will help to absorb the moisture and eliminate the sweat discomfort and embarrassment. Be sure to change regularly if you choose to go this route.

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