I’m in love with Sheebah- Pallaso


Pius Mayanja famously known as Pallaso has for so long been rumored to be in a relationship with fellow star Sheebah Karungi until today morning when he cleared the air

Pallaso and Shiba

He confessed to love Sheebah however, for the personality she has inside her, not the conjugal love as everybody expected.

‘I really love Sheebah!! Not in the way that everybody thinks but because I at least feel like I know her personally and she is very awesome !!! now Click like if ya agree Sheebah is awesome !! ###King of the East’ he said on his social media handles.

Pallaso’s confession comes after several rumors made rounds in the media pinning the two to be seriously involved in a sexual relationship.

They were also photographed in a hotel in Dubai where they were sharing a bed

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