Iryn Blames Manager for her Arrest in Japan

Singer Iryn Namubiru who survived the Death Sentence in Japan

The press conference called by Iryn Namubiru in Kampala yesterday turned into drama when the singer turned her guns against her Manager blaming him of withholding information from the public about Ms Namubiru’s recent troubles.

Ugandan DIVA Iryn Namubiru
Ugandan DIVA Iryn Namubiru

Iryn spent 21 days in detention in Tokyo, Japan over possession of drugs. Namubiru returned to Uganda last Monday after being cleared by Japanese authorities.

“I apologize to Namubiru for what she went through because I withheld vital information that has caused her this trauma,” Mr Mubiru told the media.

“I lied to you Iryn and I am sorry,” Mr Mubiru said after admitting receiving the $500 tip. Namubiru who was so angry said that her manager was responsible for all this because Mubiru asked her to call him after stepping in the plane which showed that he knew she may be arrested before boarding.

Namubiru wanted the package sniffed by police dogs but that did not work instead Mubiru checked the items himself after receiving a tip of $500 (about Shs 1.2m) from Kim Tumwesigye who wanted for drug dealing.

Mr Mubiru said he was contacted by an agent of Mr Tumwesigye who handed him a package reportedly containing foodstuff, which Ms Namubiru was to deliver in Japan.

When Iryn asked why he had not disclosed details of the tip, Mr Mubiru said he feared for his life.


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4 thoughts on “Iryn Blames Manager for her Arrest in Japan

  1. So thios case can be closed Tumwesigye bolted from Japan on the next available flight because he knew exactly what Iryn was carrying. This bastard should be locked for 20 years or deported to Japan to defend himself uuuuuuuuuummmm I just got an idea some big boss is protecting this drug lord thats why people er for their lives

  2. If it wasn’t for hypocrisy of uganda police force and politicians,that rascal (Tumwesigye) would have been questioned or arrested and deported to Japan .

    1. hahahaha,iryn neva yu blame thadeus coz all in all it was yo case aint thadeus’s case totukoyaaaaaaa

  3. so pathetic. good u fired your manager because he is a good for nothing person.

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