Iryn Namubiru Arrested In Japan Over Drugs

Local singer Iryn Namubiru has been arrested in Japan after being found in possession of contraband drugs.

Singer Iryn Namubiru
Singer Iryn Namubiru

Namubiru travelled to Japan last Thursday for a music concert at the Golden Holy Week.Apart from performing at the concert, Namubiru had hoped to meet Ugandans living in Japan. The concert was scheduled to take place at the Yotsukaido Cultural Hall.

Sources say that the promoter of the show identified as Kim Ueno was not someone that could be trusted, but Namubiru did not take heed like other musicians, Dj Michael and Hildaman who cancelled the deal.

The incident comes against the backdrop of the arrest of former Ugandan minister Isaac Musumba, MP Michael Mawanda and a Kampala businessman in India over attempted extortion.

Drug trafficking attracts the death penalty in Japan.

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8 thoughts on “Iryn Namubiru Arrested In Japan Over Drugs

    1. if innocent passengers are arrested at airports then all passengers will be in jail

  1. What’s the connection between the promoter’s untrustworthiness and Iryn’s arrest over drugs?

  2. seriously if the bananas she tooked contained the drugs, how posible is it not to be detected at Entebbe airport???. this whol thing is a clear set up. wat a pity on a a poor little gal who is trying to make a. fortune

  3. she cud be innocent, but then again, she could be guilty 🙂 (sits back with some popcorn and watches)

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