It was a joke- Namakula clarifies on ‘searching for a man’ statement

Veteran singer Halima Namakula in an interview recently, revealed how she was searching for a husband. This raised eyebrows amongst her music fans and nation at large.

However, today in a sudden turn of events, Namakula  has come to clarify the circumstances under which she made the statement.

It was a simple joke. I made the statement and said that I would ask my children to search for a husband for me, in my heart I knew everyone would take it as a joke. I knew no one would take it seriously. Well, to set the record straight, I have been secretly married for 10 years and some few close people know it. My husband lives in the US but he comes around oftenly. I am really too beautiful to search for a man-  She says.

Namakula is the mother of Rachael K and Hem Dee.

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