Ivan With Club Strippers in South Africa

After being dumped for the Nth time by the mother of his three children, the South African based Sangoma has replaced Zari with the night club Strippers in Pretoria.

Ivan With Club Strippers in South Africa
Ivan With Club Strippers in South Africa

Zari dumped the man who has fathered her three children a few days ago and she hooked up another Sangoma named Farouk Sempala.

On March 15, Zari tweeted that she was going to meet her so called Destiny

“I got a date with Destiny..I’m running late for that,” Zari tweeted.

It is believed that that is the day when Ivan’s problems started to boil. He could not stand it anymore.

Sources in South Africa have revealed that Ivan is restless like a cow that is on heat.

“He cannot settle when his wife is not around; He drinks himself silly and ends up dancing with Strippers,” source confirmed.

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  1. Zari is a prostitute. Ivan, just move on. You will find a woman who will take care of your children and bear for you more.

  2. if u allow money to ctrl u, then ur completely finished, i thnk zari shld hook somali or dinka, useless woman, oh anyway let her hook mi

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