Joining Sejusa Is Suicidal – UPC

Uganda People’s Congress spokesperson Okello Lucima


Leaders of Uganda Peoples’ Congress (UPC) have described an alliance with Gen David Sejusa as suicidal, because his past is exuding an aura questions and also he is still a serving UPDF officer who is constrained. 

Uganda People’s Congress spokesperson Okello Lucima
Uganda People’s Congress spokesperson Okello Lucima

The comments perceived to be unfortunate by a section of the opposition hopeful of Sejusa’s leadership, were made yesterday by the UPC vice president Joseph Bosa and the party spokesperson Okello lucima in relation to earlier media reports quoting the renegade four star general as having called on the entire country to resist President Museveni’s regime while appearing at the Democratic Party (DP) offices early this week.

The controversial former chief spy master, weighed in on a couple of opposition icons asking the citizenry to boycott the coming election because it has already been rigged.

He instead asked all regime detractors to work towards advocating for electoral amendments as the only means of taking power.

Joseph Bosa, speaking to Red Pepper on the sidelines of the press briefing asked the bush war hero to “sort himself” before he colludes with any opposition party ahead of 2016.

“Before he brings his issues on table we need to first know is he a soldier or a civilian as you are aware we can’t associate with a serving soldier,” Bosa said.

Lucima, who doubles as party president Olara Otunnu’s younger brother said that, “before we can listen to Sejusa what is his issues on the table?” adding: “so all we can do is to sit and listen before we can make a move.”

He however clarified that the Uganda House is open for Sejusa in case he wants to pay a courtesy visit, but he can only be taken seriously if he retires from the army, “but as long as he is still in captivity, all we can do is to sit and watch,” he said.

This new development comes high on heels of a joint opposition resolution of fronting a single candidate next year.

Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo described Sejusa as a disgruntled renegade army officer, who failed to make any change while still serving and therefore the NRM can’t be moved by his actions because he is a failure awaiting his fate by perennially violating the Forces code of conduct.

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