Judge Withdraws From Nsenga Murder Case

Jackie Nsenga (L) her late husband Juvenal Nsenga (R). She has been sentenced to 20 years in jail for his murder.

Nakawa High Court judge Wilson Masalu Musene has withdrawn from a case in which Kampala businesswoman Jacqueline Uwera Nsenga is charged with the murder of her husband Juvenal Nsenga that occurred early this year.

Uwera Nsenga
Uwera Nsenga

Judge Masalu decided to pull out of the case after realizing that he had erred while handling it, Principal Judge Yorokamu Bamwine states.

This was after the accused Jacqueline Nsenga who is currently on remand at Luzira prison, through her advocates, complained to the Principal Judge of how her file was cause-listed for trial before being committed by the lower court.

Bamwine explained that Nsenga had petitioned him on how the judge had fast-tracked to hear her case and that she expressed fear of not getting justice from the same judge.

The Principal Judge said Nsenga had also complained to him of how the trial venue was hostile to her and had decided to transfer her file from Nakawa to Kampala High Court and that it will be heard by a different judge yet to be named.

Jackie Nsenga (L) her late husband Juvenal Nsenga (R). She has been charged with his murder.
Jackie Nsenga (L) her late husband Juvenal Nsenga (R). She has been charged with his murder.

“I called for Ms Nsenga’s file after I found out that the case had been cause-listed for hearing before her committal to the High Court, this was a gross cause list irregularity,” said PJ Bamwine over the weekend in Kampala.

He adds that It was erroneous for the judge to fast truck Nsenga’s file  because this depicted selective justice and favoritism,”

Her file has now been shifted to Kampala High court and it will be fixed for hearing on the basis of first in, fast out, Bamwine adds

Prosecution alleges that on January 10, 2013, Jacqueline Nsenga returned home at around 9:00pm parked her vehicle Reg. N0. UAL 933M outside the main gate and pressed the bell.

In response, her late husband walked towards the gate and opened for her but in the process, she instead accelerated the car, rammed into him thereby knocking him dead.

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  1. dc woman shud b sentenced as early as da nxt hearing kamz up. men we ar fed up of judiciary favoring women. look a man came frm da battle in somalia only 2 b kided by a slut dat u dont have even a kid wid me.

  2. Mbu fast tracking Uwera’s case is selective justice: Even the Biblical Bartimous who had no eyes would see this. this lady is very special in the eyes of the investigators, judiciary and even the prosecution. The prosecutor who tried to stand her way was shown the exit

  3. pray so hard cause even up to now we havnt goten justice for dos men who killed my brotha Katerega Badru Were at Panamera Bar we are so strong that even afta 1000 yrs justice will prevail en above all “da Lord is watching onto them “that gives mi courage to move on

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