Judith Heard Flees Home, Stuck With BBA Flops

Just when we thought Judith Heard had given up hopping from one place to another and flashing her thin assets, she gives us a reason to think again.

Judith Heard with BBA flops

The pencil-thin socialite is currently enjoying life and flaunting her unending thighs in Nigeria with her speculated long time bonkmate Frankie Joe Rukundo the Rwanda representative at the 2014 Big Brother Africa reality show.

She was spotted this week in company of BBA flops Tayo, Frankie, and others who are currently in Nigeria for yet to be identified projects.

Apparently, she and ex BBA representatives are currently residing in Sandralia Hotel in Abuja for reasons you can clearly imagine.

Why Judith Heard is hanging out with the BBA flops remains a mystery but evidently it’s not about her usual charity errands but close pals reveal that she trying to match Zari’s game that is continental.


The development comes shortly after her ‘disciples’ –Team Judith Heard- were spotted at IHK turning the hospital into an outing spot as they took jolly selfies all in disguise of visiting fallen singer Harriet kisakye.

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