Karungi On Tenterhooks With Roger’s Exes

Roger Mugisha.

KFM’s presenter Roger Mugisha’s US based fiancée, Mani Genie Karungi has opened up on how her new man’s former lovers want to kill her.

She revealed that a number of babes who have a thing for Roger or used to date him before they met didn’t like the idea. To make matters worse, the yet to be identified babes have been sending her threatening and vile messages via face book.

Tired of taking in all the abuse, Karungi, hit back saying;”hey babes…stop in-boxing me hate messages. I will never sing perfectly, but I will always be awesome. Even when I f**k up, am awesome because am not afraid to fall nor ashamed to stumble. Because I never wanted to be beautiful and I never pretended to be. The man is already mine.”

The gorgeous model is already engaged to Roger and the couple has set June this year for introduction.



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