Katatumba’s Video Hits Record Youtube Views

Angella Katatumba

After Angella Katatumba’s glamorous and extremely well attended Supernatural Girl Video release at Kampala Serena Hotel in October 2013, her video posted on YouTube, in just 5 weeks has hit a record of over 200,000 views.

Angella Katatumba
Angella Katatumba

The video has surpassed the Audio, which had over 81,000 views on YouTube making it the most listened to audio on YouTube in Uganda’s history of music.

The huge success of Angella’s Supernatural Girl song, which is about domestic violence and uplifting women, has made Angella’s Facebook page the biggest by any Ugandan celebrity with over 250,000 likes and growing.

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5 thoughts on “Katatumba’s Video Hits Record Youtube Views

  1. The only Video that has hit a record from Uganda is called “willi willi Dance” by Pati Bazale, infact it should have hit more but because of discrimination the Video counting Viewer number has been munupulated that now days since a few months ago can not go further than 23 Million People viewing it. I have been watching this Video ever since it came to Uganda infact it is watched from all parts of the world. Thats how People dont like us to go on with our music

  2. You can tell if she bought views by seein g the difference between the view count and the likes. how can only 19 people like a video if 81000 have watched it and it is a quality video

  3. Several videos has more view counts than this, but its hard to tell
    statistics from youtube. I was aware of the Willi Willi Dance as
    mentioned here in another comment, but it has been out since july 2011, and for some reason the timeline statistics is not awailable.

    it is not during 5 weeks Katatumbas video has got hits. The first three
    weeks it was not viewed at all by anybody! It was in a day or two (Oct
    22-23) it hit about 33.000 hits(very impressive!), and then the period
    des. 3-17. is interesting. You need two read the statistics right. Klick
    the diagrams symbol beneath the video on youtube(between “add to” and
    the flag symbol), then go to “Views” and then “Daily”.

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