Kenya election 2022: William Ruto to be sworn in as president

Around 65000 People have packed a stadium in Kenya’s capital for William Ruto’s inauguration as president following his election win last month.

According to latest reports, eight people are reported to have been injured in a crush as they jostled to enter the stadium in the capital Nairobi.

On the other side, Raila Odinga has not turned up for the ceremony as he had “serious concerns” about his opponent’s victory.

It should be noted that Ruto won the election with 50.5% of the vote, to Odinga’s 48.8%.

Odinga has alleged that the result was rigged, but the Supreme Court has ruled the election was free and fair.

At least 20 heads of state including Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni are expected to witness the inauguration at a stadium in the capital Nairobi, in a clear sign that they accept Ruto as Kenya’s new president.

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