Kenya’s Corporal Linda Okello Too Sexy For Police

Sexy Okello in her uniform

Traffic cop Corporal Linda Okello has been the talk of town for the past one week. She has been covered by blogs, mainstream media and even attracted support from celebs and Ugandans!

Sexy Okello in her uniform
Sexy Okello in her uniform

Linda Okello is in trouble after senior police officers asked her to explain why she should not be disciplined.

The gorgeous Kiambu policewoman whose tight skirt and curvy hips sparked off social media frenzy, Officials in Kenyan Police are ready to summon her.

According to most bloggers and east African citizens, have revealed that Corporal Linda Okello is too sexy to be in Police.

“You can’t disregard body structures! I blame the providers of police uniforms; Linda did not buy the skirt herself,” twitted Frederick Okango.

Okello in her ordinary days
Okello in her ordinary days

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8 thoughts on “Kenya’s Corporal Linda Okello Too Sexy For Police

  1. She never negotiated with the creator to have such an amazing body besides she doesn’t buy herself the uniform. Who told the Kenyan Police chiefs that it is a crime to be beautiful in police uniform? Rock them Linda.

  2. Africans we should be appreciating our natural given figure and parts of the Body, no one has them, others struggle to get them from operations, so why not? An African Police woman can have them too. You are attacking the natureness in body, you are all bandits who have nothing to do but look for a way of wasting tax payers money

  3. Hey Wooden Kabao, sisi waKenya are your big brothas,so why insult us? At least she doesnt buy a Tusker for 5000 sh like you guyz.

  4. God have mercy, you gave her the body boundaries now people are complaining, would they have summoned her for disciplinary action if her boundaries were otherwise?

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