Khalifa Aganaga Spills Sex Secrets

Khalifa Aganaga

Fast and fresh upcoming singer Khalifa Aganaga has revealed that the radio has been his best friend from child hood.

Khalifa Aganaga
Khalifa Aganaga

Khalifa has impressed in his first year on the music scene with his club hit songs like Ndabirawa and Oyitangayo topping most of the musical count downs in the country.

Who is Khalifa Aganaga

Khalifa Aganaga whose real name is Sadat Mukiibi was born  24 years ago in Kabowa a Kampala suburb.

He was raised by a single mother who took good care of him throughout his childhood.

“My mother, Madam Hadija Nalwoga raised me as a single parent in the best way she could and i really thank her so much for that,” Khalifa appreciated her mum’s love.

Khalifa’s education life started way back in 1995 when he was enrolled to Najjanankumbi and Christian Primary school for his primary level of education. He later joined Kawanda Secondary school before Joining Makerere University where he is currently pursuing a degree in Music Dance and Drama.

Khalifa’s Musical Journey

Khalifa’s musical journey started the day when he became an addict of listening to the radio.

“While I was still young, The Radio was my best friend and even up to now, I love my radio so much,” Khalifa expressed why he started singing.

Khalifa further said that listening to the radio all the time made him like music. He thinks that every feeling can be well expressed via music.

“I could not leave without a radio and I had this feeling that everything can be articulate when music is used as a mode of communication.”

With songs hitting the airwaves, Khalifa was convinced that one time he will release his own hit song that will take the airwaves by storm.

I t was nearing the end 2010 when Khalifa’s dream became a reality. He released a twelve truck album titled Sunrise.

The Album made him good sales and up to now the tracks like Ekitangaza, Kizibu, Oyitangayo and many more are anthems to Kampala night Clubs and Bars.

Khalifa, Goodlyfe Saga

With the fact that Goodlyfe and Khalifa don’t see eye to eye, Khalifa still maintains that he has no problem with the Goodlyfe boys.

“I don’t have any biff with the Goodlyfe. When i started singing, they were not in my mind, so I don’t have time to biff them,” said Khakifa.

“What my fans should know is that this is competition. At times things happen remember we are in the same market.”

He further said; “If Weasel wants to beat me because I have good music, he should continue because i have just started to sing and more hit songs are coming.”

Khalifa urged his fans to appreciate music and not create biff.

“What I want is that people should listen and appreciate my music. Biff doesn’t build our industry.”

Khalifa’s Fall out with Producer Nash Wonder

Khalifa fell out with Nash wonder when he accused the producer of selling his Oyitangayo song beats to the Goodlyfe duo.

The Goodlyfe used the beats in their new club hit song Amaaso where they feature Chamelone’s brother Pallaso.

“I came to the music scene with Nash wonder but after we started picking up, he decided to side with the Goodlyfe,” Said Khalifa.

“I have no problem with Nash wonder but everyone should understand his mistake.”

Future Prospects

“We have a lot to give our fans this year and I assure them that they will get quality music from Khalifa and team,” Khalifa assured his fans.

He further said that he is working on a fourteen track album titled Motto that will hit the airwaves soon.

So far two songs have been released off the album and they are, Wanika Omukono and Kweli Kweli.

The Singer further revealed that he is working on collabos with Grace Nakimera, Fille Mutoni, Irene Ntale and Bobi Wine.

Social Life and the Fans

“I also hang out with friends when I get free time and I live a usual life like other people.”

When asked if he has a girlfriend, he said that; “I am a normal person like others. I have a beautiful lady and we love each other.”

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