King Lawrence Holds Juliana At ‘Ransom’

Juliana and King Lawrence attend the Ciroc Zari white party

Celebrated diva Juliana Kanyomozi has been held at ransom by her now lover King Lawrence

Juliana and King Lawrence
Juliana and King Lawrence

Sources intimated that Lawrence has assured the Nabikoowa singer that he would release a video which he secretly recorded if she dared to dump him.

“She is really scared that he actually has a video of them having sex. It’s what is holding her back,” a close pal revealed.

This revelation comes after Juliana blasted the South African based showy fella when he posted a pair of what he claimed they were the singers green knickers and used condoms, before assuring the whole world that they were in a hotel room at Serena.

The song bird reacted with fury on her social network page Facebook that;

“Can you imagine he even posted all our pictures together on Facebook?”


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10 thoughts on “King Lawrence Holds Juliana At ‘Ransom’

  1. So sorry for you Juliania,how dare could he think of doing that if he was somebody with integrity………………hhhhhmmmmmmm he maybe trying to avoid going back to South Africa and when the conned money is finished he gets stuck on you.Do not give in to threats. Be very careful my sister!

  2. Jullie u have gone throu a lot i mean media talk…. pple wat to loot ur life stay cam… let him do wat he wants as long as u have life…. he’s a looooooooooozer

  3. from thef time i red your article about Dr.King lawrencei, felt sorry for Julie. he is going back to South Africa to do his business of conning the locals, pple cry over their money, but if u steal and u brag around as a tycoon. shame on those who are like u in S.Africa, making the locals hate other blacks cose of ur stupid things u do to the locals as u always call them “Abategya” hahahaha Julie is not “Omutegya” she thout she had got it but it was the opposite of all, wish u the best in ur endavours.

  4. Serves you right Juliana you women always go for things that shine not knowing its only coated in GOLD. Cant’t you date for months without opening the honey pot ? Why is it that women always go for loaded guys when we men go for you because of who you are? Please don’t cry foul those green G-Strings were your so just remember the great night you had it was worth it 🙂 Now with a tarnished name and video which man in her right senses would Kuwanjula you…………save for another opportunist waiting to “Hit and Go”

  5. Juliania! With due respect next time think before you act.Why go in for this type of man without any ethics? He has nowhere to go after the money he conned gets finished because the dude just has nothing to be proud of.I highly doubt if his not a Songoma in SA.

  6. Juliana, I have a lot of respect for you but I am always perplexed by your choice of men – from the father of your son, to Kassim Ouma and now this Lawrence. Or did I build a wrong impression of you.

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