King Oyo slaps ban on Nakimera’s outings

Uganda's female singer Grace Nakimera

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King Oyo slaps ban on Nakimera’s outings

It’s no longer a secret that Tooro king Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru IV has a thing for singer Grace Nakimera.

From the look of things, King Oyo feels so irritated and uncomfortable when Nakimera goes out, without his approval.

As a matter of fact, he (Oyo) has slapped a restriction on Nakimera’s outings, unless she has his approval or otherwise.


We’re told, the King is so serious that he feels disturbed seeing Nakimera ever out when he wants her all for himself.

Close pals think that Oyo can’t help it but feel jealous, and this can’t go on anymore.

Apparently, Nakimera seems so ready to abide by all the rules and regulations set for her, as she hopes to become Tooro’s queen.

This comes at a time when rumors have been making rounds that Kingdom regents are furious and vowing not to allow Nakimera into the Kingdom, for she is not a product of the land.

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