Legend P Robbed Clean by One Night Stand Babe.

Fenon records producer and a brother to Steve Jean, legend P will leave to hate one night stand babes. Sources say that, Legend P’s house was robbed clean by one night stand babe only identified as Jemimah a few days ago.

According to our snoops, Legend P hooked Jemimah from a top bar in Kabalagala before relocating to his pad opposite YMCA.However; Legend P left the Babe in the house early in the morning for work and told her to lock the padlock when leaving. When the babe woke up, she started packing the Dude’s property and hired a pick up track.

On returning home from work, Legend P was shocked to find his house empty. “At first, he thought he was in the wrong room but later realized that he has been robbed clean by the babe,” intimates the source.

Close pals to the producer say that since his white zungu love Anne went back in Norway, Legend P has been having a blast with several city babes. He has now sworn never to leave a Babe he does not know in his house alone.


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