Lisa Mandy Pulled my Pants—Bebe Cool

Bebe Cool

In a shocking turn of events, singer Bebe Cool has revealed that Finland based curvy socialite Lisa Mandy pulled his pants before he poured a drink in her face last Friday evening at Village Mall based Liquid Silk-Bugolobi.

Bebe Cool
Bebe Cool

The gorgeous babe claimed that the ‘Byebyo’ singer attacked her and poured a drink on her before hurling insults at her and her pals Judith Heard, Zipper Atafo and Candy Kardesh.

Like he promised, Bebe Cool has released a video showing what exactly happened that evening.

After uploading the video on his Facebook wall, the dread locked singer claimed that Lisa Mandy approached her and pulled his pants as she attempted to get his attention.

“She approaches me and pulls my pants and to my shock, it’s a sudden turn to see a person who disrespects me and my wife. Immediately I turn, u can see my hands in action telling her to leave but she insists and there I even gently push her away, but she won’t go. People asked her to go but she still refused and it’s clear in the video,” wrote the singer.


In the three minutes and thirty seconds footage, Lisa Mandy clad in a black top and yellow mini skirt showing off her shapely bottom is seen walking from where she was seated with pals as if looking for somebody.

As she moved around, she is in the company of Zipper Atafo.

A minute and ten seconds into the footage, Lisa Mandy approaches Bebe Cool who seems uninterested in whatever she had to say and even politely pushes her away.

The singer says he had to ask for the security footage because his name was being tarnished by so many people for their personal selfish reasons.

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