London Based Fyonna Releases New Song

Fyonna Nsubuga

Fyonna Nsubuga has released a new hit titled satisfy you
Fyonna Nsubuga has released a new hit titled satisfy you

Music sensational Fyonna Nsubuga continues to surprise everyone here in Uganda especially the music industry after releasing a lover’s reggae style song titled satisfy you.

The Hipipo award winner continues to stamp her music prowess on to the Ugandan music scene.

This music dynamite seems to have plenty to offer to the Ugandan music public and is increasingly becoming unpredictable to tell which genre
she will be releasing next.

When called by our correspondent on July 21, and asked about her new release and what style people should identify her with, she responded in an emphatic and promising way; “I am a complete music artist, composer, song writer and original. My goal is to build my own fan base and when I achieve a certain level I will then exhibit my true talent to all music lovers here. I therefore don’t consider myself as a one off artist and don’t have a particular style to identify me with; I am an all round music artist.”

Nsubuga who partially leaves in London has just released.  Satisfy You  in
audio and video.

She thinks it is too early to compare her with the best and insists that her purpose is to entertain and do what she loves to do than to compete for a position.

“A music career is a journey that keeps on changing with a lot of unpredictability and most of the times the fans choose what they appreciate from any given artist. So my job as an artist is to move with the trend. All music fans should expect a lot from me as I am here to stay,” roared Fyonna.

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