Luzinda Dating SA Witch Doctor

Desire Luzinda

Info reaching us from South Africa is that the ‘Nyumirwa nyo’ singer Desire Luzinda is now dating a ‘witch doctor’.

Desire Luzinda
Desire Luzinda

Snoops have identified the South African based fella as David Wango popularly known as Dr Wango among his peers. We have also learnt that Wango is also a music promoter and runs a fabric shop, Dawa fashions, in South Africa.

Wango and Desire met about two years ago and have been keeping their romance a top secret. Sources also reveal that the fella was behind her shows in South Africa.

This is however, surprising considering that the ‘Nina Omwami’ singer was the center of a love triangle involving two loaded city Dudes. Meanwhile, sources intimated to snoops that Wango was estranged showbiz, Zari’s first husband.

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2 thoughts on “Luzinda Dating SA Witch Doctor

  1. What’s with UG celebs wanting or dating witch doctors. Oba they think their wealth multiplies if they marry a witch doctor. Wealth is not sexually transmitted. You can’t be Christian or Moslem and then date or marry a sangoma (witch doctor) because that goes against Christianity or Islam. A Christian is better off marrying a modern Moslem or a Moslem is better off marrying a modern Christian cause they know they worship the same God aka Allah. Witch doctors’ gods are not God/Allah cause their god is a devil.

  2. Not true at all, these people are just friends but not to the extent that is mentioned above, and again. David is not a witchdoctor like allegedly mentioned. where do you guys get such information? this man is a businessman owning a restaurant in the heart of Pretoria and a Promoter of musicians not a witch doctor. please stop such nonsense

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