Magufuli Knifes Official For Disrespect

A video of Tanzania’s President John Magufuli publicly scolding a government official is being shared on Twitter.

In the 30-second clip Mr Magufuli asks Mwantum Kitwana Dau to state how much money had been set aside for a road fund.

Ms Dau says that she doesn’t know and doesn’t want to lie about it.

The Reuters news agency reports that she and another senior were sacked on Monday following the incident.

A statement issued by the president’s office said Ms Dau, the director of the Bukoba Rural Municipal Council, and Erasto Aron Mfugale, the director of the Bukoba Municipal Council, would be assigned to other duties, Reuters reports.

The two dismissed officials were not available for comment, Reuters says.

In one part of the tense exchange Ms Dau said that she oversees many departments and could not immediately recall the exact budget allocated for road projects.

Mr Magufuli replied, “You can’t talk to me like that.”

The president, who is nicknamed the “bulldozer” for his aggressive style of leadership, is known to make spot visits at government offices and berating officials who he believes are not doing their work.

Critics have, however, accused him of being authoritarian.

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