Man Commits Suicide After Endless Sex Spree

Tokora villagers in Nakapiripirit district woke up on Sunday to sad news of a 29 year-old man who committed suicide as a result of having an excessive and endless bonking spree with his first wife.

Micheal Mangat reportedly consumed a pesticide after his wife only identified as Night could not allow him visit his second wife by engaging him sexually for a long time.

The deceased had just married his new catch (Esther Nagit) during the recently concluded festive season.

Cox Apamaku, the District Police Commander- Nakapiripirit confirmed the incident when contacted.

He urged men not to go for second wives if they are not strong enough to manage their first wives.

According to our higly placed sources, When the first wife go to know that her husband had married another woman, she decided to engage him in endless sex including beatings.

Sources further revealed that the hubby was subjected to sex at all times of the day making Mangat fail to visit his second wife who was residing at the nearby Tokora trading centre.

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5 thoughts on “Man Commits Suicide After Endless Sex Spree

  1. Whhattt? Why not bonk this woman to cabbages till she begs the man to go to the new wife??

    1. i think the man was a weakling. u know those ‘push me i start’ type of men

      1. Hahahaha, Rose u are right, he was a “Nsindika nyake” type. But there are both local and exotic remedies for such men. Have you ever heard of “Omuboro”? It is the local version of Viagra. It can do wonders to such men!

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