Mesach, Fiancé Feud Over Late Angume’s Wife

Mesach and his fiancee

Word Reaching us has it that Eagles Production singer Mesach Semakula has been having secret feud with his fiancée Sarah Nakayi over his closeness to late singer Martin Angume’s widow.

Mesach and his fiancee
Mesach and his fiancee

Sources reveal that rumor is that Mesach is close to Julie Angume, the reason she joined Eagles Production recently.

Now reports indicate Julie Angume joining Eagles has left Sarah ‘hurt’ because she had heard of rumors of her man being too close to Julie.

We have learnt that in the twist of events Sarah has resumed the talk of having her wedding after 10 years they have been together.

Julie Angume
Julie Angume

Sarah introduced Mesach to her parents six years back in a colourful ceremony and the wedding has been pending since then.

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9 thoughts on “Mesach, Fiancé Feud Over Late Angume’s Wife

  1. Nga Julie is hot?
    Bannange how will people survive obulwadde if everybody anyirira like this hot nnamwandu?
    Only the Lord knows.

      1. I did not write that she is sick, did I? You interpreted my post in such a way as to derive that meaning.
        That said, many commentators who responded to reports about Angume’s death and burial insinuated or boldly declared that AIDS was the probable cause of his death.
        How I hope that Julie is AIDS-free despite being Angume’s widow.

        1. Banange True Patriot is right. May be if Julie used cds something that I doubt since they have been acouple for so long.

          1. Wama Emma webale kumpoleleza. The risk of contracting a deadly disease is much higher now when medication is available (for those who can afford it) to make a loaded “mulwadde” look juicier than a broke but AIDS-free prospect.
            Mujjikire the days when you could spot an AIDs sufferer from a mile away. Those days are no more, therefore mweekume.
            And Emma, I dont trust CDs either, or if you MUST, a very uncomfortable situation where I am constantly checking to see that it is intact, and that there is no mixing of fluid whatsoever, I’d rather just not; for me, the options are two pre-tests or a wank, I’m afraid.

    1. If you can’t help it you can always use condoms. That’s how people will survive obulwadde!

  2. some times couples can stay together and one person stay safe ,but I know Julie from kiboga her face have change she may contact the disease .

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