MINIMUM WAGE: Worker’s MP to table Private Member’s Bill

workers MP Rwakajara-Arinaitwe


workers MP Rwakajara-Arinaitwe
workers MP Rwakajara-Arinaitwe

Workers MP Arinaitwe Rwakajara is seeking to table a private member’s Bill on the minimum wage in Uganda.
The Legislator says the Minimum Wage Bill 2013 will emphasise wages for all workers set by a representative board of minimum wages.
Rwakajara notes that the 1957 minimum wage advisory Board Act was never implemented and it never put up a board though it set a minimum wage.
The board, according to MP Rwakajara, will be a representative of all sectors including employers, workers and some specialized institutions such as Uganda Bureau of Statistics so that the minimum wage is set based on research and clear information.

He adds that since Uganda has a lot of labour force and few jobs, the state must protect workers by setting a minimum wage. Other institutions such as trade unions can negotiate for more salaries depending on the set minimum wage.

Uganda is the only country in East Africa that does not have the minimum wage.
James Mbahimba, MP Kasese Municipality, says considering Uganda has many foreign investors flocking the country, there must be a law that regulates them and looks at industrial relationship.
He notes that for any public sector management and administration to be effective there must be a benchmark which government has not set.
Jinja Municipality West MP Paul Mwiru states that there are many imbalances in the country.
He says investors get free land, tax holidays and repatriate the monies back to their countries, something he said calls for fair returns to the local workers.
The MPs will this afternoon seek leave of Parliament to process the Bill with hope that the first reading takes place soon.
They are also confident that after this long wait, government and the ministry of finance will give them the certificate of financial implication to see the 2013 minimum wage Bill through

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