Mirrors Concert Held To Fight Corruption

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Ever heard of an event that is totally dedicated to unleashing the power of youth to transform the world? No? Well, a concert in that line, dubbed Mirrors, that is wholly dominated by Uganda youth to preach against corruption in the country took place last Friday at Kitante Primary School Grounds.


Though poorly attended, this live, urban, Multi -Media and Social Art charity concert under the theme “HOPE”, relayed the message through poetry, art, music and dance.

The contemporary dances also had a message to convey. Desire, Brovin and friends did two contemporary dance plays.



The first was about how citizens earn a small living from the streets like street pastors and street hawkers.

The second was about how Uganda has the highest educated population in East Africa but end up having no jobs because of corruption and nepotism.


Ruyonga and Benezeri got the revellers off their seats as they closed the show with ‘Zuukuka’ a song preaching against corruptions.

Hellena Okiring, producer of the Mirrors Concert says that the concert is about using the power of art and music to inspire the youth.


“Because we believe we are the hope for our Nation, we used music and dance performances from Uganda’s most inspiring young artists, live art, social media to fight corruption,” she added. The event ended a few minutes to midnight.

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