MORE TROUBLE: Arch-Bishop Lwanga Suspends Father Musaala

The catholic church has suspended Father Anthony Musaala over a letter he authored accusing fellow priests and Bishops of Breaking the Vow they took to stay celibate, the letter in which he also accuses the church of covering up cases of child molestation and homosexuality has been circulating on the internet for over a week now, in this letter father Musaala also alleges he was molested by a priest at the age of 16.

It is on the back drop of this letter that Arch Bishop Lwanga decided to suspend the Charismatic priest from his work.

According to the statement  the archbishop addressed to all Catholics referring to them as the people of God, he said he was deeply disturbed thinking of the immense suffering caused by the article produced in the media authored by Fr. Anthony Musaala, that seemed to be casting a dark shadow of suspicion” over all priests. In the article, Father Anthony Musaala questioned the Canon Law 277, which mandates clerical celibacy that: “Clerics are obliged to observe perfect and perpetual continence for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven and therefore are obliged to observe celibacy, which is a special gift of God, by which sacred ministers can adhere more easily to Christ with an undivided heart and can more freely dedicate themselves to the services of God and mankind. Saying priests in Uganda have already broken the law and should be allowed to marry. The arch bishop said Everyone should once again remember that until Christ came along (Mt 19:12), and then Paul (1 Cor. 7:32-35), the only state of life known was marriage but when Christ came, He made it clear that some people would remain celibate (“eunuchs”) for the sake of the Kingdom of God (Mt 19:12). St. Paul further recommended it for those who would be dedicated to serving God in this world (1 Cor. 7:7, 17, 32-35), for the salvation of souls and it is totally a freedom of choice as the above biblical quotations suggest.

Arch Bishop Lwanga says that after the Popular Priest Admitted he authored the Document, the canon as prescribed by the Church in can. 1369 takes its course. This law states that: “A person is to be punished with a just penalty, who, at a public event or assembly, or in a published writing, or by otherwise using the means of social communication, utters blasphemy, or gravely harms public morals, or rails at or excites hatred of or contempt for religion or the Church.”

This means therefore that Fr. Musaala because of the publication of his article in the public media which damages good morals of Catholic believers and further expresses a wrong teaching against the Catholic Church’s teaching and that this stirs up hatred and contempt against the Church, he incurs a ‘Ferendae sententiae’ penalty as prescribed by Can.1314. This means that Father Anthony Musaala is suspended from celebrating sacraments and sacramentals, from the powers of governance in accordance to the law of the Church Can.1335 and1336§1n.1, 2and3 as investigations are being carried on.


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6 thoughts on “MORE TROUBLE: Arch-Bishop Lwanga Suspends Father Musaala

  1. Fr. Musaala is a hero. He is the most genuine priest. He must have resorted to the press/internet because the churcch did not give room to him to express his opinion. I know of a priest who has twins. I know of priests who sleep with so many girls per week. Some of then have acquired AIDS and are busy distributing it. I think they are the priests who invented homosexuality. Let us face the facts. Father Musaala wants genuine priests, not people who hide in the church. His suspension worsens the church situation. I am not a catholic but have to say the truth.

    1. Jonathan, if I may ask, what about married men like you who have extra marital affairs? They vow before God and the public and they do the opposite? Should married life be banned then as you want priesthood to be banned? I am of the opinion that you should understand the problem more deeply and not generalize. Are all catholic priests bad? Or are all married men womanizers? Let us get to the core issue other than commenting biasely.

      1. Ssebo Kitibwakye

        We should not misunderstand issues here. First, two wrongs do not make a right therefore your comparision with cheating marrieds does not justify a priestly failure on celibacy. Secondly, nobody has advocated for banning of priesthood as you claim. Agreed, Fr. Musaala may have used a wrong forum to air out the facts. however, it remains very important to acknowledge that there is a sexual problem in the catholic church and together we devise means on handling it other than sacrificing whoever talks about it.

  2. In all successful organizations exist rules and regulatory procedures. Even if my Friend and Pastor Father Musala was right in his article, and as a first-hand witness of the ‘bad news’ in our church, there are existing guideline on how to address such matters. He could perhaps have addressed the matter through the line Bishop or the Synod and appeared as a witness and change agent. May be he is seeking cheap popularity or material rewards from the liberalist world like the U.S.A. It is not new that he has been reported in association with such groups like the Gay Rights Group. The truth will always unfold by itself. Let’s pray for the church and all those souls that have been hurt by these developments. I salute the Arc Bishop Lwanga for his swift and accurate response paving way for thorough investigations. I also pray that the church provides a window for Father Musala to confess and be forgiven in case he is found guilty. I don’t think this makes him a total outcast to priestly order. He can still help in evangelism if helped out by his seniors and colleagues.

  3. its unfortunate that people like Jonathan Kalani have the courage to comment on a sensitive issue like this without profound information and proof. God Forbid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Its wrong for some die-hard catholics to assume that all catholic tradition is cast in stone. Its a known fact that the current(1983 ed.)version of the canon law was past by Pope Paul II, which has 1,752 canons while the former canon (1917) had 2,414. These canons were made by humans as of the times they deemed them necessary and over time, the same humans have felt it not necessary to retain some laws that were deemed archaic or simply no-longer necessary. Father Musaala has a point, the issues need to be discussed and dealt with.

    We can not prioritize protecting the institution over church-wide injustice and hypocrisy.

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