MP Jimmy Akena’s Bikes That Run On Waragi

Hon Jimmy Akena With his Bikes

Jimmy Akena With his Bike
Jimmy Akena With one of  his Bikes

LIra Municipality Mp has finally delivered on his Campaign Promise to bring Bikes that run on alcohol, the over 50 bikes where delivered in Lira by the MP,leaving his constituents excited.

Hon Akena said the bicycles would make it easier for cyclists to move from one place to another seeing that the traditional bicycles are very tiring .

Akena James Micheal Jimmy son to the late  Dr Milton Obote former president of Uganda,and is a member of The Uganda Peoples Congress Party.

Lira is served by a railway station of  a railway network that its, it is currently not working.there is also served by a public, civilian air strip, lira Airport. However the Major  means used to get around town are bicycles.



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  1. Thank u for that work done.You have saved us who even can not afford to buy a motorcycle.

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